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Module to generate science related entries.


Both methods in this module return objects rather than strings. For example, you can use to pick out the specific property you need.


Returns a random periodic table element.

Available since v7.2.0

Returns: ChemicalElement

ts ChemicalElement // { symbol: 'H', name: 'Hydrogen', atomicNumber: 1 } // { symbol: 'Xe', name: 'Xenon', atomicNumber: 54 } // { symbol: 'Ce', name: 'Cerium', atomicNumber: 58 }


Returns a random scientific unit.

Available since v7.2.0

Returns: Unit

ts Unit // { name: 'meter', symbol: 'm' } // { name: 'second', symbol: 's' } // { name: 'mole', symbol: 'mol' }

Released under the MIT License.