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v8 - Make Faker Handier

Our main goal in v8 is to make Faker more lightweight and more flexible.

v8.0 - Module Re-Shuffling

Finish the module shuffling.

  • Remove locale switching support
  • Move String and Number methods into own modules
  • Rename Name module to Person
  • Rename Address module to Location
  • Check modules and methods regarding their name and location
  • Try to eliminate circular dependencies in modules
  • Standardize function parameters and defaults
  • Rewrite image module / providers

v8.0 Tasks

v8.1 - Split Faker Class

Split the Faker class into smaller units so you don't have ship an entire locale if you only generate some strings and numbers.

v8.1 Tasks

v8.x - Tree-Shakeable Module-Functions

Refactor modules to be tree shakeable. Potentially allowing individual Faker methods to be called by themselves.

v8.x Tasks

Released under the MIT License.